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An immersive fitness system designed for middle ages who have little exercise experience. Adding fun, collection, visible growth, etc., to replace the hard work and pain.


2021 - 11 Weeks School Project

A brand strategy including three designed products for Blockbuster utilizing upcoming technology and trend to bring Blockbuster back to the market.


2020 14 weeks school project

A wheelchair designed to use 90% of material recycled from broken share bikes. To reduce the environmental impact and bring job opportunities for locals.

OUO Wheelchair

2019 - 14 Weeks School Project

Next-generation esports viewing experience device with future holographic technology. Arena design To provide an immersive, detailed viewing experience.

LOL Arena

2020 - 14 Weeks School Project

A modern mouse design that allows the user to adjust the mouse to different angles desired.


2018 - 7 Weeks Personal Project

A Handmade speaker designed for deindustrializing and fun. With prototyping, welding, lathing, and CNC.

Exclamation Mark 

2016 - 14 Weeks School Project

A clock uses colors to express the time, alleviating the pressure that comes from reading the clock’s converging hands.


2018 - 7 Weeks Personal Project

A New Way To Install Window Air Conditioners. Designed For Older Houses Which Do Not Have Air Conditioner Bases.


2018 - 7 Weeks Personal Project

Next is the new generation of work center USB hub; all the plugs go into Next and only need to connect Next to the laptop.


2018 - 7 Weeks Personal Project

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